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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ask the Teacher

Categories: Urban, Geography General, Writing and Assessment, s1 and s2

I tried out a nice activity with Higher the other day, adapted from a book called 'The Teacher's Toolkit'. We are doing some revision of Rural Geography, so I asked the class to write out twice one question, any question at all about the topic which they wanted answered by me. I then took one set of the questions and told them this would be the basis of Monday's lesson. With the spare set of questions, I put the papers in a tin and passed round a 'lucky dip'. This question then had to be answered and passed back to the author of the query. A really easy way to put assessment into the start of a lesson and then use this to build on previous knowledge. I can see the benefit of using this with a number of classes, and I intend to do something similar with my s4 a little later in the week.
For s3,I'll need to chase up an IT room, unless the new 'classroom in a box' has been set up for your use yet. the themes for the Mumbai movie tasks are in the sheet above, but if you have any other reasonable suggestions for your movie, I will be flexible.
With s2, I wish I'd been more flexible with the 'Day After Tomorrow' task and used short clips instead of trying to use the bulk of the film. We'll see how tomorrow goes, I might be hitting the skip button a few times. I'll introsuce s1 to the weather investigation and the forecasting task.


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