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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Categories: Geography General, Writing and Assessment, s1 and s2, Urban

I found an interesting link by accident tonight. It's almost exam season, so here's a little bit of light relief-find out how stressed you are by looking at the images in this link. Things moved very slowly for me, so I'm not sure it's working properly... ;-)

I am trying very hard to keep revision fresh for you, but please remember that day's like today are neccessary for Higher -timing your answer is vital, and getting your technique honed is just as important as having the knowledge to get an excellent mark. Tomorrow for s4 and Higher, I'm going to create revision 'posts'. I'm basically leaving some resources for topic areas at different parts of the class - past papers, course notes, cards etc. I'll be asking you to head to a table, and when in groups, producing revision flashcards for the rest of the class before collaborating on exam questions.

I'm tempted to use the fruit machine at classtools to pick the groups, butI'll leave that for my s1 as a period starter for weather questions before getting onto the forecasts. I had a disastrous period with s2 today as I wrestled with a DVD player for much of the period before giving up. Nice to have such problems with three new class members looking on...Have booked a seperate DVD for tomorrow, will watch the rest of our movie after a couple of periods break.


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