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Monday, April 23, 2007

Sharing Bookmarks

Categories: Geography General, s1 and s2
I have been meaning to put all of my bookmarks on to del.icio.us for a while now. This is a social bookmarking tool which allows you to share all of your favourites, as well as organising them into tagged groups. I have still loads to add, as my laptop died briefly tonight as I was doing this. Hopefully, it will help you as well with revision by making searching the web easier. Many of the links I've used in class are here, so it will hopefully save you having to search back through the blog if you know what you're looking for. I also told some of the AH pupils about this earlier in the year, and it's a great way for organising your own reading. To access my bookmarks, just click the link above or on the badge on the sidebar.
I am doing a general revision session based around some of today's discussion with s4, and I think I'll probably look at Mass Movements, Limestone and Coasts from Lithosphere with Higher. I'm out at an Enterprise meeting in the afternoon, so s3 will have to hold fire on the Mumbai movies work for a period-Monday is the date for the final movie submission.I fancy doing something similar to Tony Cassidy's weather experiment (I'll post a link later, as Tony's website is under reconstruction) with my s1 tomorrow-but instead of different locations, using different times for pupils to phototgraph the weather. I also liked this as a possible homework.


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