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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dangerous days

There has been an awful lot written and said about the Kent earthquake from Saturday morning over the weekend. It's amazing that in a place like California, these kind of tremors would be relatively common and not particlarly newsworthy, whereas it was front page here. I was also thinking that I can't remember a time where so many natural hazards were in the British news. A good opportunity for some topical geography and a stand alone lesson. I would imagine the above sheet will also lend itself to some homework. Thanks to Geography at the Movies for the windows clip.

I liked the fruit machine mentioned in the previous post, and will probably use as a little starter with Higher for some Human Geography terminology before some past paper work. I think s4 could benefit from some conventional flogging of the past papers, while s3 should be showing a few of the Mumbai movies. s1 have been talking about weather and climate, but I'd quite like to do a little extra work on extreme weather with this class, so I'll probably start Hurricanes tomorrow.


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