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Monday, May 07, 2007

High scores for Hurricanes...

Categories: s1 and s2

I was really pleased by how inquisitive one of my s1 classes were about Tropical storms last time we met. We should hopefully understand a little more about where these storms are found, why they form, the effects on coastal areas and, by the end of the period tomorrow, what can be done to minimise their impact. We'll start with a quiz as a recap, perhaps the brainpop quiz, complete the questions from the Hurricane Lili video (which should give us an insight into the difficulties in preparing a place like New Orleans for a storm) and then try planning for a hurricane ourselves-remember, ipods and hair straighteners are not really essentials ;) I thought that rather than giving you a formal homework, I'd use the Stop Disasters Game- I've used this more extensively as part of the courses with s2 and s4 for Earth Forces, but I think I'll get you to post on the student blog with your score, casualties/injuries, cost of damage and what you would maybe do differently next time.


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