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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Panic attack

Categories: Biosphere, Atmosphere, Urban, s1 and s2

A short post, I'll post feedback on how these lessons went tomorrow. I sent round a 'Panic sheet' for Higher today, and Biosphere came top of the poll. After a little discussion, it's clear that you're struggling to remember dune transects, the sequence of the dunes and associated plants, so tomorrow, I'm going to involve you by doing a kind of massive card sort. I think I'll ask pupils to organise theselves in order of dunes from shore to climax, and then ask 'plants' and 'conditions' to locate themselves within the dunes before doing a requested 7 marker.

With s4, I feel we haven't used the revision websites for a while, so I'll have a look at these. s3 missed the rest of Mumbai movies due to more 'hustings' so I'll slot these in tomorrow. s2 will be given a brief about the project mentioned in the last post, but I want to start climatic regions with a whole load of images-asking key questions-what links certain images, which ones are deserts, which ones have large populations etc There are a few red herrings. I'm also going to finalise this by locating the pictures on maps, before doing a world climatic region map for the jotter. s1 are also using some images to identify extreme weather and weather related hazards-more on this later.


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