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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Elections (ours can wait...)

Categories: s1 and s2
I have outlined to s2 a task I'd like to do, but looking at the time we have left, I'm going to have to make the bulk of this off timetable. We are setting up mini production companies who will choose a managing director, will staff their organisation with journalists, researchers, graphic designers and so on with the aim of producing a short presentation or film showcasing people's awareness of environmental issues such as global warming. This will involve creating surveys for peers, parents and perhaps some teachers. I am going to suggest tomorrow that we put aside one period a week to look at how things are progressing and allow the groups to co-ordinate their approaches. Unfortunately, we won't be able to start the task as the year group is involved in a mock 'hustings' for the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections, so choosing your own leader will have to wait.
Meanwhile, there are loads of resources which might help. Speaking of elected politicians, I have embedded a clip from Will Ferrell lampooning George W Bush, but it might be worth considering if his alleged ignorance is out of step with the majority of people you survey. There are other video clips and plenty of information on the Stop Global Warming site , including quite a lot of 'Earth to America' snippets from TBS. I'll continue to post more sites as you work through this.


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