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Monday, May 07, 2007

Delay is the deadliest form of denial...

Categories: Coasts, Rural, Urban, Biosphere
So a wise man once said. For that reason, as it's the last week of the certificate classes, it's intensive revision to fill in the blanks-please try to fit in a wee bit at home if you can too. For Higher, this site is good for looking at the succession in coastal sand dunes. I thought the activity we did the other day worked a lot better than I feared, with moving lines of students forming sand dunes and plant populations, right up until I asked for group answers on specific dunes. Although several people were thinking through the task, others could have done more to either help their group or improve their own understanding of what has proved to be a hard topic for many :-( Hopefully, some of you benefited from the exercise. I might pick at bits of this site, geared for English Schools revision, but some of the coastal stuff may be of use. Finally, and changing topics completely, there's a good article on the BBC website about China's population, a good current example of how policies have been effective or otherwise at addressing a rapidly growing population. Thanks to the collective sln community again for a few of the links. Might do a twenty question grid for urban or rural with s4 (maybe both?), but we'll really need to do at least one or two past papers as well.I just want to stop s3 for a little bit of reflection on what we've learned about Mumbai-some really excellent movies, debatable end credits for some -you know who you are... ;-)


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