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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Moblog task

Categories: Urban

I have been experimenting again with the moblog, really so that I am up to speed for posting from the Alps to the blog. It's actually really simple, and with i-mail on my phone, seems to be completely free as well. I feel more than a little embarrassed that this is what I chose to do on the bus back from a football match (many strange looks too, unsurprisingly), but it's sorted a lesson starter out for me on Monday with s3. I am going to show the photos (may have to adapt this due to school flickr blockage, think I might have a way...) and ask for some comments to be left about location and urban zones. I'm then going to show the locations on the O.S. map, and see if this backs up your conclusions. If so, what evidence? If not, what has made you change your mind? Does this tell us anything about the use of urban models to fit changing cities? Have a look, please (s3,s4, Higher)


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