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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Extreme Plucking

Categories: Glaciation, s1 and s2, Rural
Feel that Higher went quite well today, not a lot of writing but a lot of consolidation. I'm putting the powerpoint with all the screenshots from Tuesday below. I was pleased with the hotseat attempts today, I know this was a bit unfair, but I think you all managed to pick up a lot of information about glaciation in a short time by doing it, and this should certainly make the rest of this topic a lot easier, well done. Tomorrow, I'm on to feature formation with you-we'll check over the book work first and then do a little glossary type revision of today's work-what is neve, basal sliding etc, then some diagrams for, hopefully, corries, aretes and pyramidal peaks as we start with features of erosion. Here's your attempts at labelling pictures:-

s3 are also starting Glaciation tomorrow, I'm wondering about doing this from a photo mystery activity, a 'What happened here?' type of question. Since I'm using Alps photos galore just now, I'll also need to do an evaluation of the trip with the appropriate people-I need to send a trip evaluation to the Education department, so I'll try to see you all tomorrow for a few minutes. Regarding s4, I would like to do a little bit of work on the wiki if we can get the PC's booked. I haven't really used this much yet at all with you yet and would like to get you using this as regularly as the Higher have over the last couple of years.
Good fun as ever with s2 doing our Japan intros. The Japanese greetings were exemplary, and hopefully you do well researching your family tree as Japanese names . Tomorrow, I'll introduce the leaflet task to you, and let you get started on the research.


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