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Monday, June 18, 2007

Not quite us, but...

Categories: geography general, urban, rural, glaciation
...as AH are out on (much less complex) fieldwork in the urban area for most of the week, I'll be leaving some bits and pieces on the wiki for you to contribute to over and above your classwork. This is something that you'll all need to have a look at, as it influences the fieldwork we'll be doing Thursday and Friday. Having looked at the questionnaires, and also your criticisms of them (you were very perceptive about the good and bad features of other people's surveys), you hopefully realise that creating a good questionnaire is a really difficult skill. I am going to place some of the questions with your comments on the wiki page under the GMT's section. I'll leave some instructions tomorrow, initial your comment so that I know you've contributed. Meanwhile, here's something which might help along with the presentation I gave and that we discussed in class on Friday( thanks to Highland Learning).
For tomorrow, we are only going to have time to do a simple shops and offices survey , but I also want to a) over the next couple of days record a transect, and b) stick some photos on the moblog from the field.
I've booked in s3 and s4 for extensions to yesterday's tasks. The voki task for s4 has an update- I found out that with the text recognition, you get very little speaking time from your character, so we can either record vai the mic (60 seconds), or as you are in groups, record opinions from within the group seperately through different characters. We'll discuss this tomorrow, my own thoughts are that it would be less complicated if we just recorded the 60 second soundbite, but I know how protective you are of your dulcet tones...
Higher are working on glacial deposition, hoping to find an ICT room, if not, some booklet work for consolidation.


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