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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Scottish fieldwork = rain

Advanced Higher are out again tomorrow, hopefully minus the rain. We completed a shops and offices survey today of a small commercial area (one of the pics above), but need to tidy up the transect. I took some photographs, but would like some more tomorrow- I am thinking of using these as a simple annotation exercise to compare building quality, style etc. I want to have three or four survey points for traffic tomorrow, and we'll get very little other than this done. On Thursday, I want to spend some time evaluating our fieldwork-what problems arose from the collecting techniques, how could these potentially be overcome in future etc, what have we proved/disproved, before doing a shopper questionnaire on Friday afternoon. This means at the start of next week, a couple of periods max should almost give us the basis of the human fieldwork NAB (completed after we have done stats) and more importantly, gives us practise for the study and the techniques you'll perhaps use. I am very keen to encourage the use of mobiles in the fieldwork, so please bring these tomorrow.

With Higher, I want to spend a period of the double tidying up glacial features, followed by some feature id from photos for deposition, a quiz on your internet research, maybe some back to back, and heaven forbid, some textbook work.

s2 are still researching Japan for their leaflets, which some people may be about to start tomorrow. Well done to s4 today on their prep for the Voki task. I noticed that there seems to be a problem recording with the mic at school, so I'm going to trial phoning this from the mobile tomorrow. I'll let you know how this goes...


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