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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Biggest Field Sketch in the world....

Categories: s1 and s2, Glaciation, Geography General
Some of you may have seen or heard of this before, but I have just witnessed the most incredible feat from a guy called Stephen Wiltshire on video. He was flown round Tokyo by helicopter and then spent some time viewing the city before drawing the whole thing as a panorama...from memory! The amazing result is here. I thought it would be an interesting break in proceedings for s2 to do a (much, much, much) smaller version of this in groups from a photo of central Tokyo. Might offer prizes...
Speaking of amazing field sketches, I met a colleague at a course tonight who showed me some outstanding examples of building sketches from Advanced Higher students. The detail was almost that of an architect's drawings. We were going to do the questionnaire tomorrow,but I'm now wondering if it would be an idea to split the group for environmental quality surveys and some sketching and labelling, as several class members are away at primary sports days.
Finally, with Higher, I'm going to try some O.S. overlays on Google Earth to map glaciation features along with a couple of other bits and pieces to finish. We'll spend a bit of time on the whiteboard with this.
On a personal note, every summer, I get totally engrossed in the Tour de France, a remarkable feat of endurance, sadly some of it sustained by doping in recent years. There is a write up on the Google Earth Blog on this year's race route in Google Earth. Download the kmz file here. There is so much Geography in this race, which starts in London this year, and I always love the mountain stages in the Alps and the Pyrenees for scenic value, test of the athletes, and spectacular crashes! The Alps are now really high resolution in GE, although the file does not yet show the mandatory brits in their club football jerseys insanely trying to get on camera as they chase passing cyclists....


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