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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nurturing your competitive spirit..

Categories: Games and Quizzes, Coasts
I'm just testing this to see if it works. Maybe a nice way to see what you remember from last year. Don't look at the answers, just click 'play' and choose the game you want. I ran it through the wordshoot and its hard to do to time, so take a couple of goes if you need to. Some of the answers are limited by space, hopefully you get the gist. Thanks again to Russel Tarr at classtools.

click here for full screen version

I also liked the link on the bbc website to a new film about a flooded London. I'm generally not a big fan of disaster movies, but would be nice to play the trailer in conjunction with the floods site mentioned last post. Thanks to the sln forum. Anyway, I'd better go, don't want another night of junk sleep, although being a little older than the sample group, maybe I'll get away with it....


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