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Monday, August 27, 2007

Vowels and accents...

Categories: Limestone, Rural

...is all that my computer would allow me to type last night. I don't know if this has ever happened to anyone else? I also had a really bizarre internet explorer window, where the top half of the page was out of the margins. I have ran my full scan etc, but nothing showing up...anyway, here's what I would have posted on for today's lessons:-

s4 had a chat at the start of the period about the Green Revolution and other Rural Change in India. I was well pleased with some of the answers to my questioning, but it's clear that some of you could benefit from having a read over your work again. I also told you a little bit about subsistence farming, another one of those words which can quickly become something else if not careful, as well as talking about co-operatives. We then watched a little of this short video with a well observed singalong soundtrack-I split it so that you could list the main features of pre-1950's rural living (picnics and potato picking ;-)), before I asked you to speculate about changes since 1950, and a quick comparison/contrast with Indian changes. Tomorrow, we'll explore this more at the start of the period, before looking at a more in depth video of change in the countryside in EMDC's.

s5 took a little while to complete the mapping, but I was actually really glad to spend some time going round the class and ironing out any problems. Remember, please ask me to go over anything at all you're not sure about now, rather than waiting till assessments and homework. If you are a little embarassed to ask, you could always post on the students Q & A section of the Higher wiki page. I am going to spend just a little time doing a transect of the Ingleborough map tomorrow, before moving on to coasts (more later).

I also had best intentions to put some of your 'teenage years' tasks on the student blog, will hopefully get a couple done tonight and some more throughout the week.


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