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Monday, August 27, 2007

Popcorn Double Feature...

Categories: Advanced Higher, s1 and s2, Coasts

Occassionally, as a teacher, you are really thankful for some of the resources that other people collate or share, and one of these is Geography at the Movies, a site which my colleagues and I have found very useful for lesson introductions. Tomorrow, I'll be using a couple of the videos with classes. The first one is with my s1, who are doing symbols-so after Miss Green's reccomendation, I'm using the 'Map Disco' video found here. Higher are starting coasts. Coasts and the Sea are something which frighten and fascinate me in equal measure. Ironically, it's the power of the waves which do both, and this seems a reasonable starting point for any discussion about Coasts. However, just want to start the period with some coastal facts, and have a playaround with this site- A nice little shock factor, especially with the hybrid option on. I may then show my second movie clip from GATM from this set, although if I can remember how to do it, I'll probably take some clips from Clickview and insert them into powerpoint through the options on the application.

I finally found the link which, for me, sanitises stats a little for Advanced Higher. The Seashore, although featuring some geographical topics, is more biology-focused, but has some really useful ways of approaching statistical analysis ('Stats for Twits' as it's labelled).


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