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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tell me a Story

Categories:s1 and s2
I have been off for a few days ill, and this has, along with other things, added to the infrequent posts this new session on the blog. I can imagine the situation being similar till roughly November with several school commitments and then hopefully normal service will be resumed. This one is for s1, who are doing Brazil.

I am going to try a little collaborative story telling using the image above. I intend to help with the task by allowing each group to ask any five questions about the photos, which I'll answer yes or no to for the benefit of the whole class. This is not to say that I know the circumstances behind each photo in detail, but each group will be given the same starting point:-

'(name) sat watching the tribe elders lead the festival, but couldn't help thinking how different things were last year, and how they would be different again a year from now.....'

The reason I am answering questions is to eliminate some things,encourage others, but mainly for guidance as the rainforest and cities are parts of the unit we have not completed yet, but will be doing very soon. I will allow the story to go forward in time, or reflect on what has been. There is scope for the story to go in a number of directions, but basically, I'm trying to prompt thoughts on these topics for future lessons. Fingers crossed...


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