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Sunday, September 30, 2007

feeds, tools and twittering..It's all getting a bit complex

Categories: Advanced Higher, Rural land Resources, Industry, Writing and Assessment
So, my AH class all registered for bloglines accounts on Friday. We looked at how to use feeds from Google News to track updates for Geographical Issues articles, and did a little session on searching the internet. It was interesting to notice that most were unaware of some of the shortcuts to searching the net that Ollie talked about, and I have a suspicion that many searches will still begin with a blanket google search, but hopefully you have taken somethin which will help you now and maybe later in your education.

I am a little worried about the pace of learning in some classes since the summer, and had forgotten how easy it is to become bogged down in Rural Land Resources with Higher. There is so much to remember from individual case studies that I really flogged these to death last year at the expense of keeping interest a little (something which my online surveys returned). I really want to move things on tomorrow, complete the Cairngorms, and be on to The Dales by Tuesday.Classes have been given work to complete, and I'll finish this off with a past paper homework fro return next week.

I missed all of my s4 classes last week, and again am a little worried that in that time we have been treading water a little. I plan to use classtools post-its if possible in groups:-
1) Factors affecting industrial location-Old and New Industries
2) Features of an old industrial landscape
3) Reasons for decline in old industries
4) Features of a modern industrial landscape
I'll need to source some images for this, or maybe I'll build this into the task. This exercise should give me an idea as to how much of the textbook work has sunk in while I was off.

Finally, I have recently registered for something called twitter. I've not done anything with it yet, and I am aware that this is yet another application to feed in to the old grey matter, but I was interested in some of the ideas in this post by a history teacher as to how he thinks it could be used with classes. This is something for the future.


At 9:20 pm, Anonymous OllieBray said...

Looking forward to finding out how you get on with Twitter. If I had a full time class I would jump at using it a little more. I was told today that the tips I gave our AH class has changed how they search the Internet - some progress at last! In fact I have been asked by the PT Modern Studies to run a session for his class. He was surprised that you could set up a way to search the future Internet by using Google News, blogs, RSS and Google Alerts. Keep up the good work! Will I see you at the SAGT conference?

At 9:47 pm, Blogger Kenny O'Donnell said...

I don't think I'll make it this year,work commitments before it(HMIe visit) mean family commitments afterwards! Reason the blogging has been less frequent, to be honest. Shame, less of a journey this year and I fancied some of the courses. With things like Twitter, I sometimes just feel that I'll reach saturation point, so I am going to play with this for a while before I take it to a class. The online handout was really useful, my AH were sticking feeds onto their readers today and they seem to have responded well to the ideas given, so I'll thank you on their behalf. Good luck with the SAGT presentations.


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