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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Human Environments-loadsa links

Categories: Population, Rural, Industry, Urban
I'm quickly doing this post from the school in respect of s4 coming to me period 2. We will be looking at some revision materials while I do a little target setting. Even if you don't manage to use them all (which you won't ), this will provide a good list of sites for your NAB preapration.
I'll start with BBC Podcasts, which are based on the English curriculum, but are useful for a lot of our topics. you van play these in the school if you click 'real audio'. The English bitesize site has some useful material too:- Some useful urban and rural test materials, and some population tests too. The Scottish site has some good standard grade and Higher links which might be of some use too. The Higher site has good urban, rural and industry activities. The standard grade is organised under different topic headings, but may be of some use. Some urban revision under settlement, rural under farming (be picky here), and some population. Finally, there is some really good population revision on the Scottish Intermediate page. Good luck!


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