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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Finally, something about the lessons tomorrow!

Categories: Rivers, Advanced Higher

Back to the real business now. I really liked these pictures as some kind of river erosion starter with Higher, but we'll only get on to this after we've looked at a couple of Hydrograph past papers. Might revisit Russel Tarr's living graph before description of the graph for key terms. With Advanced, we've had about three weeks working on the Issues essay and lots of practice and I now have the NAB to correct. Tomorrow, after our well deserved break from them, we're back to some stats- I'll rely again on the LTScotland material, but I think I'll probably show a few of the Studies from previous years first to highlight the relevance of things like chi square and nearest neighbour for you, and where it fits in to your major assignments. As already stated, s4 have the NAB, hopefully well prepared for as we then move on to our last part of the course, Environmental Interactions. Good Luck to you all! On a lighter note, in response to myself two posts back, maybe we should try this...(see pic above)


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