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Sunday, November 04, 2007

A post about everything and nothing

I don't normally post on the blog to rant, but I really feel the need to express my opinions about couple of things and seek those of others regarding the direction and use of ICT in class . I asked my s4, who have a NAB assessment tomorrow, to answer some questions on the wiki- not all by themselves, three or four people to a question, which would require two or three lines input. I offered feedback, a kind of supported study if you like. I have had the laptop turned on most of the day, and had a look yesterday as well, but have only had one response (feedback provided) to look at (two now, one more while writing).
While I feel disappointment for a number of personal reasons ( time I've spent on the resource, time I've offered in support of others), this really isn't about me. I have to ask of myself and you, is this really what you want or need? I was thinking about all the things we've used in class over the last year- this blog, the blog for celebrating success and some homework, the moblog, the Higher Wiki, the Intermediate wiki, the wiki for s2 project work, blip for movies, scribd and Ourmedia for files, del.icio.us and bloglines for Advanced Higher. Is it overkill, or just plain complicated. What if you could have all of these things delivered in the one place (e.g. a ning-a social network) but still see them all? Are there any that you don't think work-and if not, why not? What do you think has been useful for you, and in what way? If you like the idea behind some of these, but haven't used them, why haven't you used them? I would prefer that you are honest. I really don't want to be putting time and effort into a resource which you find redundant. These are all supposed to be of some help to you, but if they're not doing that then let's take stock-Please leave a comment, or talk to me personally.
If any teachers are reading and have some take on this or suggestions, then, again, please comment. I feel at a bit of a brick wall, which may or may not be of my own creating, and any guidance would be greatly appreciated-again, honest appraisals, particularly of what could be changed for the better.


At 6:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally i find the blog really helpful with all the links and posts etc. However sometimes I feel the amount of links and revision materials can become very confusing. I think it could be organised better for each year group in particular. For example, the revision materials and posts for all of s4 placed in one folder or something then it would make it a lot easier.

At 6:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally I find the blog really useful. However sometimes the amount of links and revision materials can become confusing. It would be good if it was organised more by yeargroup so that all the materials,links and posts were placed in specific areas for each year to make them easier to find.

At 8:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the blog is really useful but I think it's quite confusing the way there are all different pages for different things but maybe if there was a links part on the blog it would be a bit easier :) but it is a really good idea because it's a kind of different way to revise.

At 10:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the blog page is useful to me because it gives me another source of revision. I found that when I was preparing for the nab it was good that I could go on and see what web pages you had recommended for revision tasks.
Although because there are so many different web pages we have used this year I found it hard to keep track of all the passwords and log ins.

At 10:13 am, Blogger Kenny O'Donnell said...

I appreciate what you are saying, comment 1. Wordpress allows you to organise your blog by pages, I might consider switching, or trialling this to create year pages.
Comment 3, there is a links part in the sidebar, and you can search by topic and month (if you remember when we did this), but again, I know there is a lot of links to keep. You could favourite pages so that you could have a quick link to relevant posts?

Last comment, I agree about the passwords, I just don't know an easier way to manage this-keep a list at the back of your jotter, I'll tell you all the passowrds again, and I'll link the wiki pages to the blog too to make this easier.
Thanks all for your useful and informative feedback, and glad that you are getting something from the blog

At 10:22 am, Blogger Kenny O'Donnell said...

I just want to link the two comments posted elsewhere to this post

At 3:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the blog and wiki are really useful because you can get a good answer and help with anything you're unsure about. However I get confused about which one I'm supposed to be going on to for different tasks. Also the passwords annoy me because I'm never sure whether I need to enter a fake name and password or a proper one(I realise this sounds incredibly stupid).

At 11:12 pm, Blogger Kenny O'Donnell said...

It doesn't sound stupid at all. The wiki initially didn't require any name or e-mail, so this wasn't a problem. However, pbwiki have recently changed this. The advice on their own forum was to use any name, but maybe we can just have a communal class identity? Also, what if any tasks on any of the blogs/wikis are posted about here first (I have tried to do this already)-then it's just a case of following the links and not worrying about site addresses


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