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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Thank you and goodnight...

Categories: Geography General, Rivers, Development and Health, Games and Quizzes

Thank you for all of the comments so far a few posts back, I think you have a lot of really valid points about learning online, and I'm pleased that those of you who have commented see the value in the resources we're using. Of course, I have to balance that against the fact that not everyone has commented yet, but thanks so much to those who have.

Tomorrow, which is now today, I'm doing a rerun of the biscuit game which went so well last year to help us discuss differences in development. Some straightforward lessons elsewhere-river features through video after today's intro, where we recapped on processes using Noel Jenkins animations, then did a little description of river channel and valley in Tom Biebrach's resources (again, tried and tested). In the middle of favelas vid with s1, and Advanced Higher were doing a nearest neighbour analysis of reservoirs from the local(ish) area, which we'll have a look at tomorrow.

If i wasn't so tired, I'd probably persevere with trying to load Last brain thinking on the BBC's Onion Street. See if you have more joy than me.... Hoping it's a bit like Dr Kawashima's Brain Training, but probably nothing at all in common:-( I'd also have a closer look at these tutorial videos for sketch up in Google Earth (draw your own buildings etc). Anyway, off to bedzzzzzzzzzzz.


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