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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fingers and toes crossed

Categories: Population, Hydrosphere, Advanced Higher

I will be spending most of tomorrow hoping that there are no problems with the work experience placements. I hope that if any of my s4 are having a look at the blog that your week goes well, and that your placements are enjoyable. It also gives me a further week to mark the NABS ;-) No excuses on your return then...

I have spent much of my working time tonight updating my del.icio.us page with Spearman's rank help for AH. I realise that the past paper on Friday was a rather unwelcome (if forced) end to your school day, but it highlighted some areas that would potentially provide difficulty for you. I'm hoping to go over the question, particularly regarding the suitability of Spearman's rank for this example (sample size?), but please have a look at the links too. I also want to mix things up a little this week and introduce some of the mapping work that I mentioned last week.

Higher are almost finished Hydrosphere, unfortunately just after I remembered about these great animations-maybe we could incorporate these into the lesson tomorrow- student short talks followed by the model answer? I have also been looking for this hydrographs exercise (scroll down) for a while for a homework, which I think I'll give out tomorrow too.

We'll soon be starting Population, and a colleague posted about this game, which will be useful when we look at forced migration (will hopefully use Hotel Rwanda again). My first impression of the game is that it's a bit slow, but still useful for developing the reasons for forced migration. Maybe worth a lesson/part of a lesson.


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