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Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Story in a Song

Categories: Population, Development and Health

We're starting migration tomorrow in Higher and I want to try teaching this slightly differently from before. We're going to do a quick family related starter to see where people have come from/went to regardless of distance, and then try to sort some of the migrations into groups. At this point, I'm not really going to ask about why people moved. We're going to do this through some lyrics, an idea I've seen used before but never tried with my classes. I'll maybe play the song, but please, no singing... :-0 We'll look at the lyrics and try to identify push/pull factors and maybe even obstacles to migration. If we've got time, we'll then look at the idea of a 'Day without Immigrants'- what do you think would be affected, what would be different?

I wonder if we could use the Hot potatoes Quiz from geointeractive with s4? Maybe a good Homework activity. I'm definitely going to use the BBC Scotland site, which is one you should bookmark for revision purposes.

In class the other day, we were talking about how Natural Disasters can have an impact on Development. One of the blogs that I link to here, Tony Cassidy's Pilot GCSE blog, has a lot on the recent cyclone which hit Bangladesh , a country blessed with fertile soils and flat land, but blighted by annual floods. Have a read and follow some of the links-read about his recent trip to the country and think about the differences in lifestyle from your own.


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