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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Worst Places in the World, Chinese Pensioners and Mind Mapping with a difference

Categories: Geography General

I struggled to think of any categories for this post, as a lot of the things I've been reading of late are a bit random-some good stories, but not sure how I can tie them in to lessons. Anyway, here they are...

I was reading a blog which I've recently started subscribing to and followed the link to another blog called The Worst Places in the World. I thought that this might be a useful idea for the s2 course. I'm not teaching s2 this year, but we have been looking at last year's new resources and tweaking bits here and there. It would make a good foil for the world webcams task (where we look at attractive environments) if you could do your top five 'worst places in the world' through some kind of shortened categories from the left sidebar of this blog e.g. Pollution, War, Disasters etc

As I have two students in Advanced Higher doing something on the One Child Policy for dissertations, I thought that this link might be useful for a different perspective on the problems of running such a policy (Thanks to darren33 on sln). This might also be handy for Higher, who are working on a web enquiry at the moment.

I wish I'd seen this map when we started maps with s1 last week. I found this through another website, but I notice that this has also been mentioned on sln by Noel Jenkins, so I'll reference that rather than where I chanced upon it! ;-)

I have acted upon some of the pupil feedback from a while ago and linked the various wikis/blogs to this one. Still thinking about labels for year group work, although reading back this post, I am imagining how highly unsuccessful I would be at separating relevant articles...


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