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Monday, November 19, 2007

Quick Links...

Categories: Population, s1 and s2, Advanced Higher
For tomorrow- I want to maybe use this powerpoint as a starter for Higher, answers provided afterwards but should finish off the work of the last two or three periods, before we look at World Population growth and the Demographic Transition. I also really liked this site , which Ewan Mc Intosh highlighted-even though it's a French language site, you will be able to flick through it and understand quite a lot. Interesting to hear other people talking about everyday life.
There's a new rotation of s1, so we'll probably do the introductions and then a find someone who exercise. AH are spending more time with the incorrugible Mr Pearson before looking at linear regression. This should be much simpler now that I am finally looking at the correct graph :-s Will also go over s4 N AB (Well done on a strong set of results).


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