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Monday, November 26, 2007

Ladies and Gentleman, we are floating in Space

Categories: Geography General, s1 and s2, Advanced Higher
I got a new toy today, with two 3D space navigators arriving at the school. I haven't had them installed yet (unfortunately, we don't have admin privileges), but have read about these over a long period of time now, particularly through Digital Geography. I would love to have s1 using the navigator on Google Earth over the next few weeks, firstly to add a dimension to mapwork, especially when teaching relief. For now, I'd like to use some of the materials at Active Geography for something different when doing maps. I like the exercises 'Which way is up?' and I think the class would maybe enjoy a bit of moley too. I am tenuosly linking this to our work on direction :-0
I was quite pleased with the progress some of you have made in the AH class sourcing really strong viewpoints on your chosen Geographical Issues. As ever, some of your searches take you up a dead end, but keep the chin up-you need a minimum of three articles, and most of you are well on the way to this. That is, if footsie can be avoided...
Higher and s4 are in the middle of things just now, I'll summarise later in the week on the DTM (good work!) and Factors affecting Development (started on Trade today).


At 9:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

can't wait to gets my hands on tat sir! exciting stuff!!!!!!


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