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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gapminder and Gastarbeiter revisited

Categories: Population, Development and Health, Advanced Higher

I haven't had time to resource a new case study of voluntary migration, so we've been doing the tried and tested (but unfortunately now a little dated) case study of Turkish migrants to Germany. Remember, the things you are looking for in your research are:-

1) Push and Pull factors

2) Obstacles to migration

3) Effects (both positive and negative) on the country of origin

4) Effects on the destination country

I posted about this last year, although after reading about a certain country on Wikipedia today, I am reminded how vigilant you should be using this source...

I am going to use a country sort with Higher after this to help us start Development and Health. I have used Gapminder to source the indicators which will eventually allow us to form a reasoned conclusion about which country is most developed. Last year, I got students to come to the front of the class, each having a country card and sort themselves out in a rank of least developed to most developed, so might use this again. We also used gapminder earlier today with Advanced Higher to do a choropleth mapping exercise. It's a really useful site too for looking at correlations, and as exam practise, we'll probably use this to do a Spearman's or Pearson's exercise in the future.
Here's an Update: We did the indicators exercise today, which was OK, maybe lasted a little longer than I'd hoped. We are following up and finishing some work on this tomorrow, and probably by Friday/Monday will be looking at the Rostow Model.
With s4 tomorrow, I'll probably be ready to go on to Malaria and will probably use my own starter movie to introduce the topic. s1 will have another opportunity to Google Earth it, as we look at relief. I wonder if they will get to grips with the space navigator as quickly as Higher, who were flying around Glasgow, Cyprus, Paris and New York today as if they had been using the device for months. New Jersey, Zoe, is over 20 miles the long way from Manhattan....unless, as Ashleigh suggested, you are swimming. It's also pretty big, so that's most probably a conservative estimate. As a lover of silly facts, I'm sure you'll appreciate these for your journey :-0


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