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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Destination Disease

Categories: Development and Health, Population, Rivers

I am going to be working hard with Higher this week- I feel as though we're spending too long on the D&H topic, and at this stage with prelims on the horizon, we have a lot to work through in preparation. I have looked at the past paper question I gave you for homework, and some answers are well done, but in almost all cases, the indicators question could be improved. I'm just going to post some pointers on the blog (not tonight, though)-I've written individual comments, but I think this will help for revision too.
We're looking at Health tomorrow. I wonder how much you would know about common diseases in ELDC's - What is typhoid, Beri Beri, Bilharzia, Yellow fever, Leprosy etc? How many of the diseases have vaccines? How many are preventable? Can we distinguish Geographical reasons for the incidence of the diseases? I've included a couple of links in my del.icio.us page. We'll pose some of these questions so that we then have an understanding of what we know and what we need to know. I've included the disease map above, click on the picture to take you to a Travel Health map.
Noel Jenkins and others on the sln site have highlighted some really useful audio clips on the BBC. I browsed through these earlier and liked the population and rivers clips, and thought that these would be very useful in helping revise for aforementioned prelim. I'll mention them in class tomorrow for your use, but may draw on these for something different in supported study.


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