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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bear's to blame

Categories: Rural Land Resources

I'm trying to justify why I've done so little work tonight. The laptop's been on for a couple of hours which, instead of doing what I should have been, I've been watching The Discovery Channel, and Bear Grylls in particular. One of the episodes following his survival trails was filmed in the Cairngorms, and included a lot of Rural Land Resources content. How about these limitations of the landscape- night time temperatures of 10 below zero fahrenheit (about minus twenty three celsius), blizzards, peat bog, a plateau 4000 feet above sea level with steep glaciated valley slopes covered in scree? Some opportunities provided by the landscape were highlighted too- constant reference to walkers and mountaineers (active recreational pursuits are a major draw in all upland areas), conservation (made his way through large tracts of native pine forest) and forestry (unnatural lines of plantation pointed out). Have a look at his blog, he's an extremely busy guy. I couldn't help but think about my two AH pupils, who were doing some rivers field work on Saturday, every time his footing went....Right, that's almost a geographical justification for watching telly, now how can I justify the African Nations highlights? ;-)


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