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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Don't look down...

Categories: Geography General
Off on our annual trip to the Alps with s3 on Saturday. This will be strange as it's the first year I'll have accompanied pupils who I'm not teaching as third year hasn't been on my timetable this session. I always forget how much the organisation comes to a head in the last couple of weeks, and although the upper school is on study leave at the moment and classes are infrequent, I'll be glad when we are on the bus and the paper trail is behind me! I will maybe put a Twitter panel on the blog only for the duration of the trip so that people can see what we're up to.
Anyway, two things that caught my attention below. I actually had a couple of teacher's believing that this was me videoing our Alps trip from last year... Thanks to Val Vannet through sln for the instant vertigo below.

On a similarly hard to watch note ( but for very different reasons), boingboing highlighted a video on the national geographic website showing another painful tribal ritual, this time in Papua New Guinea. It has similar meanings to the hair pulling ceremony that the s1 always seem to 'enjoy', but I'd only advise that you watch this if you have a good constitution. It's always interesting to see students react to these ceremonies and examining the boundaries of what societies find acceptable.


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