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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Revision and Revision Breaks...

Categories: Geography General, Other
Should have done a lot more tonight, but spent much of my time looking at two things, one work related and one not (although I'm sharing both). Richard Allaway is a name which has appeared in these pages several times before, and he has produced a handy revision question bank. There are some sections that we don't do, but if both Higher and Intermediate look hard enough, you'll find some relevant options for your own revision. There are also command words highlighted, something I talked in detail about to s4 after recent problems with describe and explain commands, and therefore something which will help you in your exam preparations.
The other less relevant, but more time consuming discovery is something that you should certainly leave until you've got some downtime planned! Colleagues might be interested, and maybe students who have planned breaks in study...I know youtube is like a students' virtual second home, and I am also aware that some of you have used last.fm . I've been playing my last.fm profile through this youtube mashup, which basically allows you to create your own MTV channel. It's not entirely foolproof, as I got some strange results, some repetition and a couple of unintended gems, like Tony Blair doing The Clash. On the whole, I liked it, and it was funny seeing some of my old favourite bands in video . Give it a try when you've got some time to spare.


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