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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Reflecting on 300

Categories: Urban

I've been working on an overlay tonight which shows changing residential environments within Glasgow- classic inner city landscape in Drumoyne and Shieldhall, followed by clear suburban street patterns in Hillington and the surrounds. This is not far from the area where much of the Glasgow Harbour development is centred upon, and showpiece riverfront designs such as the Science Centre and the Armadillo are just east of this overlay. We'll use this tomorrow, after finishing New Towns. After that, I think all we have to do is a little bit about transport/ a recap on shopping and that's urban in the bag. This is the 300th post on this blog. It's ironic, but perhaps fitting that, in spite of all the various far flung places I've mentioned here, this post brings me back to our city:-)


At 7:16 pm, Blogger GeoBlogs said...

Nice work Kenny !
Well done on keeping the momentum...
Will you be at SAGT this year ? Going to be delivering some seminars on Geography and the Media...

At 7:49 pm, Blogger Kenny O'Donnell said...

Hi Alan,
just back from a week away, hence the delay in publishing the comment. I'll hopefully go to SAGT. Missed last year for a combination of reasons, but the previous two years were really valuable to me personally in developing my teaching.


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