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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Points of View

East Kilbride - Cathkin Road 15

I have a fantastic view of the whole of Glasgow every morning on my way to work. I often think that if I could show students what I see that it would be much easier to explain site and situation when we are doing Urban Geography. I finally got round to taking some photographs of this today. Correction, I finally got round to driving my brother to the spots where I wanted him to take some photographs for me today...My digital camera is on its last legs, and he has a great eye for a photo. I have put all of these on my flickr page, and intend to use some of them when starting the urban topic with Higher on Tuesday. These might also be of some use to Advanced Higher, a few projects have bits and pieces about the site and situation of Glasgow. Feel free to use some of the photos if you can. They are best viewed in large size, so just click on 'all sizes' above the photo. Although the photos say ' all rights reserved', I just haven't got round to putting a creative commons license on the photos yet, so these will be available for anyone's fair use.


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