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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Risk and Bingo

Categories: Advanced Higher, s1 and s2, Industry
Tomorrow, two of my Advanced Higher and I are going a river jaunt. We're mainly doing a risk assessment for the remainder of the sample points, as some of the recent weather has the river in spate. Other students will have their own fieldwork to concentrate on, and I must say, I'm feeling a lot happier about progress, particularly now that the Issues essays are being redrafted for the third and, hopefully, final time. S1 are doing a bit of symbols bingo before we move on to Grid refs, and Higher are in the middle of talking about the prelim paper. I was a little disappointed with some results in the prelim, particularly considering the type of preparation that we undertook both in supported study and in class. I'm also feeling that much of the advice given before the paper was not heeded. I do not think it's any surprise that those who submitted past papers for correction and return before the prelim are generally those who have performed as they would have liked.
I'm going to get off my soapbox, partly due to the cheerier nature of the last post. Just some advice- if you have performed well in the prelim (as several of you did), please take heart from this, but also realise that there is always scope for improvement. If you had a bad day due to exam nerves, then work on your exam technique. Be tough on yourself with timing etc and the skills will come. If you had a bad day because you didn't prepare, then take the lesson from this as well. Better to do this in the prelim than the final exam...


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