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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Scotland the invisible nation?

Categories: Advanced Higher

Having a really frustrating time tonight, as it appears that in many websites eyes, Scotland doesn't exist. I have been looking at a few websites flagged up which could perhaps be used by Advanced Higher in your Geographical Study. The first one is neighbourhood statistics. You can get all sorts of data about crime, benefits etc, and this would be particularly useful for Antony, Andrew and Katharine, I'd think for your particular projects. I tried creating a map of benefits claimants for Glasgow on this, but it's still loading (50 minutes trying). We could have a look at this again tomorrow. Some sites were mentioned in the magazine of the GA, which admittedly is an English publication and the suggested sites look excellent for English schools. I tried House Price Maps, which would have been particularly useful, as you can choose prices by years, and would be able to compare prices e.g. before and after certain tourist developments, Katharine? or comparison of house price changes in your commuter settlements, Andrew? I say would have been particularly useful as, according to the site, no houses have been sold in Scotland for 8 years...I also tried mouse price, which again is great...if the area you are studying is in England. You can get house price data elsewhere, but maps would have been good to use in your work, so I'll keep searching- although I'm drawing a blank so far. I did have some success finding a flood risk map tool on the SEPA site for the two students doing the river study. This might be useful for your evaluations of your fieldwork, as I know the weather and the fact that a spit in the river seems to send it into spate have conspired a little against you in terms of your favoured sites of sampling.


At 11:22 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may find http://www.sns.gov.uk/ useful.


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