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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Business end of the year...

Categories: Rural, Environmental Hazards

Higher prelim part two on Wednesday. We have sat the papers the other way round to allow us to complete the rural topic for Paper 1, so it's really important to make the most out of the time we have tomorrow. We're finishing off the Green Revolution, and I would like to show you a couple of the youtube videos embedded on geographyalltheway. Unfortunately, the school filters youtube, so I've converted the files using zamzar, and should be able to use these with students. There's also an accompanying worksheet. I might use this in class, but that depends on time. There's also a nice compact case study summary sheet on Geointeractive (bottom of the page). I know this is a topic you covered last year, it's vital that you are able to talk about recent changes and the impacts of those changes. I may not be at school on Tuesday, so please speak to me tomorrow about any worries, or post me a question.

As I missed the s4 on Thursday due to the Edinburgh trip (bookwork), and may miss you again on Tuesday (em, bookwork...), I thought I'd shoehorn a Montserrat period in for you. Thanks for the third time to Noel Jenkins who has produced the set of resources for this activity. This fits perfectly with where you are in the course just now, and hopefully you'll enjoy. I have a mountain of marking building up, with Higher Paper 2 (semi completed), Advanced Higher prelim and some Issues drafts as well as another Higher paper come Wednesday, so please be patient with me in the next week or so, I will get this back to you as soon as it's possible.


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