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Monday, March 10, 2008

Rise and Fall?

Categories: Environmental Hazards

This is something which we started thinking about last period with s4. How would you create a building which would withstand and earthquake? I'm maybe going to ask you to work in pairs on this, taking on two scenarios:- 1) Architect designing a new Business HQ in California, and 2) Family in Iran building their own home in remote rural area.

Think about Location- especially for scenario 1- what kind of things would you have to consider? e.g Why might you think about relief?

Think about design-How will you stop your building collapsing, if it stands how would you prevent accidents from movement of the building or falling rubble etc?

I also have ICT booked for a little bit of enquiry, which I'll explain later. Google Apps will have to wait a few days, as I'm struggling to get by step two of three in signing up for the education package...


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