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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Old Industry and new ways to study?

This powerpoint is ageing a little, a bit like the case study, but I suppose when you look at Industrial change, it's historical Geography anyway. Trying to finish this by next week. Horrendous conditions on Friday with Advanced Higher, and the river we visited was an absolute torrent, completely unsafe for measurements over the weekend. We did manage to identify several safe sites and options which should allow the fieldwork to be completed if the weather ever returns to a semblance of normality (hailstones, sleet, rain and glorious sunshine today). I hope the urban fieldwork was completed with a little more ease.I'm trying to set up Google Apps for s4 for some collaborative study. I've purchased a domain name, but need to see the school IT technicians about a few things tomorrow. This should allow you to work on small group projects and should be more private than something like a wiki page. I'll explain a bit more in class tomorrow.


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