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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reminders and sincere thanks

Categories: Geography General
This isn't really lesson specific, but has several things I want to post about anyway. Conor and Kris, while being a long way from number one, have had a few hits and downloads now. Miss Green's class seemed enthused by the idea, so hopefully I'll have another couple of brazen souls strain their vocal chords for a wider audience.
If only it were all fun and games... I need to remind my certificate classes that we have a barrowload of assessment still awaiting us. s4 have one NAB to complete, as do Higher, and there are some prelim bits and pieces that still need sorting. Advanced Higher have the biggest task, with both Issues and Study due in at the end of April. Please use your holidays wisely when they come. Over and above this, for all classes, you really, truly should be trying some past papers, and, particularly for the Higher, to time. Now for some good news...
After a long wait, we finally got the inspection report back which I'm sure you have now been told from many sources was excellent. I'd just like to thank my own pupils, particularly those in the Higher class who were with me when I had the 'visit', but also everyone else. When I was speaking to the inspectors at other times, many of the things that I was able to talk about, particularly in relation to ICT, were things that you were the guinea pigs for, and it's thanks to your receptiveness that I've been allowed to develop them. Many thanks to you all.


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