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Monday, March 10, 2008

Odd Shaped Landscapes?

Categories: s1 and s2, Environmental Hazards, Industry, Advanced Higher, Games and Quizzes
I am playing battleships tomorrow with s1 as per rotation, and was looking for an image to put on a new games sheet. Unfortunately, I spent far too much time playing this...thinking I had escaped from time-sapping gameplay, I then found another diversion, which looks like it may become daily. I'm thinking I may have a slightly addictive personality :-0
S4 today took to the earthquake proof buildings task with all the enthusiasm of junior Picasso's. In other words, you couldn't wait to use paint to draw some bizarre cubist buildings before you actually completed the groundwork (no pun intended). Some of your attempts rivalled our lovely Parliament building pictured above...Thanks to flickr user Homer Simpson's donut for the photo. More of this tomorrow, with some representations of your work at the end.
Higher (Sambre-Meuse Case study) and Advanced Higher are both in the middle of bits of work, and finally got prelims back to Advanced Higher today. Very happy with the written paper, but remember that it will count for only 30% of your overall mark, so please don't come in expecting me to tell you what you should be working on! End of April deadlines for both the Study and the Issues, not as much time as you think to make these perfect...


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