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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Really Silly, but...

Categories: Urban
...I didn't say they'd be good. Just messing around with bitstrips, thinking about one or two things from today's Higher lesson. As you can probably tell, this took no time at all, hence the bizarre head shapes and scary strip inhabitants, suitably less grey haired teacher included :-o. One of the things I liked about bitstrips for the classroom is that you can open up strip editing to others, could be a good class project for younger year groups...
Tomorrow, we're moving on from the CBD (might put today's powerpoint on scribd). Last year, we used this geofile, which is a great summary of some of the major changes in Glasgow's inner city over the years. We'll also have a look at the new Glasgow Harbour development. We are between lessons with all other classes, so previous posts apply.


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