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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jeely pieces, cartoon strips and border relations

I was looking on youtube for a particular video clip for use with higher (no joy), but did find this above, which myself and colleagues were talking about today. Despite the jokey nature of the song, there's a lot of Urban Geography in it - the response to urban change in inner cities which created huge problems itself. I swithered about putting Flight of the Conchords 'Inner City Pressure' as some kind of modern day take on the inner city, but a couple of the lyrics are a bit close to the bone :-(

I am also having a look at bitstrips, where you can create your own cartoons. I would show you an example if the site hadn't just gone down, but its very easy to use, and I'm sure I'll think of something classroom-ish for this. I've also just watched a really good programme on TV, 'What do the English really think?', presented by Hardeep Singh Kohli, about English perceptions of us Scots. Worth catching again if it shows up on iplayer, maybe one for Miss Green and Miss McGill for the Scotland Unit?


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