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Monday, March 24, 2008

Lovely Easter Break, work mode setting in now

Loch Restil

Categories: Urban, Environmental Hazards, s1 and s2
Just back from an easter weekend away in Argyll with some great, if crisp spring weather. Some snow on the hills too - amazing to think that a few years ago, we were getting sunburnt in April. The thought of work had been creeping into my mind towards the last few hours, and with Higher, I've worked out that I have 11 periods with you before the break. Tomorrow, I'm going to quickly do some work on Urban models after the introduction from last day, and then move on to the specifics re: Glasgow. There is some material in both the booklet and the red book. There is also a really extensive powerpoint on Urban Geography by Rob Chambers. I won't get the chance to use this in class, and its case studies are different, but it would be really helpful for revision purposes. I also liked this one by a guest user of slideshare, which has good critiques of the urban models. From the comments, it seems like this is a students work too.
I'm hoping that there isn't much to do re: earthquakes after the tsunami video with s4. I'd like to do mapping from memory for Tropical Storm formation, another staple of the last three years with classes which seems to work. s1 have just started Brazil. We're in the process of finding out what the class already knows about the country- some are struggling, but I'm hoping that might have been the fact that it was last period before a long weekend ;-) Think The Simpsons....


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