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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rescued by Youtube, frustrated by Sony Ericsson

Categories: Urban, Environmental Hazards, Development and Health, Other
Been trawling youtube tonight, as I discovered on Friday that the clips of Glasgow's riverfront regeneration were no longer in the same place on the See Glasgow site-hadn't checked before the lesson and only found them afterwards :-( Found absolutely tons of relevant clips for urban, with several relating to Glasgow harbour. I've listed some of the links for you in my del.icio.us account, but if we get through the Google Earth tour tomorrow, I'd like to convert some of these for use with the class. Also found a news report on the long term impacts of Hurricane Mitch, which is the case study in the s4 text book.

We will probably use this at some point tomorrow or Tuesday, but it might be useful for you to browse the many Hurricane Katrina videos available to enhance your knowledge of the effects of Tropical Storms on people and the landscape.I was also brought to this collection of clips through following some of the related videos, and thought this could be good for lots of development themes.
Finally, I bought a new pay and go mobile today with a 3.2 mega pixel camera. This is quite an advance for me, although I know many of you probably have far more powerful cameras on your own phones. I've been playing around with the new toy and really like a lot of the features, but I'm having problems installing the settings for internet browsing and picture messaging. I've been frustrated by help desks, FAQ's etc and wondered if anybody knew of similar problems and more importantly, how to solve them...


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