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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Global Awareness in Google Earth

Categories: Geography General, Population, Development

I use Google Earth a lot in class, perhaps more so this year than I ever have, particluarly with s1. However, I'm constantly discovering new avenues of exploration and found another really top class resource tonight after reading the Google Earth Blog and Ogle Earth. I was initially looking at the Global Awareness layer (near the bottom of the 'layers' panel in the left sidebar) to view some Climate and Forests placemarks from Greenpeace, as we'll be doing the Amazon soon with first year.I had never noticed this feature until Google Earth Blog highlighted the Greenpeace layer. Then, through Ogle Earth, I found a brilliant study aid for Higher's forced migration case study in the same place (USHMM: World is Witness). The 'World is Witness' opens actual accounts from people threatened by genocides, allowing the reader to view their story from its Geographical location in Google Earth, and crucial for your purposes, opens their migration path - in other words, the route they've followed in their attempts to flee persecution. The first few placemarks I opened where in Rwanda, and I really think it would be most worthwhile to have a look at these if you have GE at home.

I was going to blog about starting Biosphere with Higher tomorrow, but I think I'm kidding myself if I think we won't have to more or less start from scratch again after the two week break. Urban revision and general question time tomorrow. Will have a chat with Advanced Higher about progress in the Geographical Study, and finishing a piece of work with s1 anyway. Think s4 enjoyed the Stop Disasters today... Aside from all the work related business, have a great holiday everyone. See you all back refreshed after the break, or maybe, like me, you'll be at Easter School ;-)


At 9:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice post on world is witness! FYI,the path you refer to is the overall path of the post's author, not the refugees...

At 11:28 pm, Blogger Kenny O'Donnell said...

Yes, it looks a really thought provoking site. Not thought-provoking enough for me to think through the path concept, so it would seem...:-( Thanks anyway


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