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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pet Hate

Categories: Other

I am posting for myself after a week of complete frustration at work. During the holidays the log on procedures on all PC's were changed, which would have been fine if it hadn't resulted in most of the sites I use at work being blocked. Can no longer access blogger, flickr and the sln forum among others. My yahoo mail is again blocked after having several months access, particularly useful as the work e-mail seems to block absolutely everything. I feel that all I do is put in IT jobs, and obviously now I'll have several more. Haven't checked my scribd or del.icio.us yet, but won't be surprised if these are now blocked. Pbwiki already is. I get so frustrated at access restrictions, even on staff accounts. Off to listen to some Joy Division to feed my mood...


At 8:35 pm, Anonymous OllieBray said...

Complain and put the pressure one! You Tune was unblocked today for the first time in two years – it’s been a lot of hard work but the children will now benefit. Keep up the good work. OB


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