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Monday, April 14, 2008

Working Holiday

Sea Cave, Catalunya

Just back from a fantastic week on the Costa Brava, part of Catalunya, not Spain, as the political grafitti kept reminding us. This might be why several shop staff etc replied to me in English when I tried to buy in Spanish. Either that or it was my incredibly bad grasp of the language...Some visual highlights of the week were the coastline (great coastline of erosion) and Barcelona, which sadly we did not see enough of. Although I have been in grander cities, the Sagrada Familia is far and away the most intriguing and impressive site I've witnessed in any I've visited. The whole front of the building looks as if the stone is melting, and each place you look has some hidden feature. Never made it to the Nou Camp though :-(
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Anyway, the only reason I'm near the laptop tonight, and hence the reason I'm blogging is because of Easter School tomorrow. I'll be adapting previous materials to suit this year's class, and Miss Green has compiled a similar sheet for Intermediate. If you are visiting the blog to check some of the materials or sites we've used, and there's something I don't cover tomorrow, don't hesitate to leave a comment, or ask a question via the wikis. Hope you're all having a nice holiday, working smart and giving yourself some respite from time to time ;-) See you all soon


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