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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Excuses to avoid, resources to exploit and a little bit of (un)happiness

Categories: Biosphere, Environmental Hazards, Advanced Higher

I have been browsing through some old resources as we prepare to look at the Biosphere with Higher. You won't be able to view these at school, and some of the early works are pretty basic, but there may be something among these which will be of use in your revision. There's quite a few soils and sand dune succession powerpoints or word docs, a couple of which we'll probably use in class. There are also excellent materials on the Wycombe High School and Learning Teaching Scotland websites, which will definitely be getting an airing in the course of the next two weeks. We're almost there...

s4 are, indeed, there. One assessment to go, which I'll talk to you about tomorrow, and a tiny bit of recall on tropical storms, before the revision avalanche. Advanced Higher should still be working very hard as the submission date for your work approaches. Tomorrow will be problem fixing with fieldwork results, structure of the study (use the 25 pages) etc, but really I'm just wanting to make sure that you did some work over the holidays ;-). See the cartoon above from the University of Missouri for things to avoid telling me. I've been messing about with the Happy Planet Index tonight. It would appear that my planet is not that happy, although maybe that's something to do with the end of a great two week break fast approaching :-(


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