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Monday, April 28, 2008

Psammoseres, Polorix, Past Papers and Plane Crashes

Categories: Other, Biosphere, Geography General

Finished marking last set of (very late) NABs for higher, and they were on the whole extremely good. There are some responses which are picking up full marks by going all around the houses, and we'll need to have a look at how to make your points more succinctly, but I'm very pleased with the results at a critical time. Today was an opportunity to consolidate the work you had completed on soils, and tomorrow we look at succession. May steal a colleague's idea, weather permitting, but last year I used a lot from Val Vannet's presentation. There's an awful lot of detail here, and I think the sections illustrating why certain plants colonise parts of the dune transect are key to writing a really strong exam answer. Don't be overwhelmed by the dunes, plants etc that you have to remember- Practice will get you there with this one...
s4 had the bonus of missing out on my ramblings today as I was attending a course on WorkIT, something I'm having a look at for Work Experience organisation-fingers crossed it makes sending out 300 pupils more manageable! I left some past paper questions and I'll split the class into some groups tomorrow for IT/Written revision.
I have suddenly had that sinking feeling, as I've remembered I have s1 jotter marking which somehow evaded my bag at the weekend. Having had a look at some of your Amazon plane crash stories, I'm impressed (distressed!) by your imagination ;-) More on the Amazon tomorrow, or rather how it's disappearing.
Finally, Advanced Higher students of late have been getting round the recently mentioned IT restrictions in a novel and pleasing way. As students cannot use a memory stick from their own accounts, some s6 have started uploading their Study files to Polorix Uploader, setting them as private and downloading them again at school. This was a host I hadn't heard of before, but there are so many more with privacy options, and as today my higher all registered with scribd, if any take AH next year, I'll maybe pursue this a bit more. 2 days till your final drafts.....


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